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“Our experience provides a great advantage for our client.”
Mark L. Wilson, Professional Civil Engineer (# C 57021), will promptly respond, and is in responsible charge of project details, no matter how small. We provide the personal touch while Mr. Wilson’s expertise shines on every project and consultation. After 16+ years in business, the excellent attitude and background continue to thrive.

Public Sector Civil Engineering – Working as an employee with both City and County governments has allowed our Principle Engineer over a decade of valuable public sector experience in all areas of service such as: Project Design, Inspection and Management, Plan Check, Design Review, and Project Conditioning. Surveying, Drafting, Grading, Drainage, & Construction.

Private Sector Civil Engineering – In 1999 Mark founded Advantage Civil Engineering, and began work as a business owner, providing professional civil engineering and related services for a wide range of Commercial and Residential Projects. From Foundation Inspection and Topographic Surveys to Percolation & mantle testing we are ready to work.  Ask about our special offer on site plans.

Mark’s experience is vast. His greatest achievement is to deliver service beyond the expectations of everyone involved with him. Mr. Wilson has an outstanding record and proof of this is obvious:

Advantage Civil Engineering of Grass Valley, CA continues excellent work as does Mark Wilson P.E. Better Business Bureau rates A+ for this company and nothing less. A+ is the highest award possible.

“…We have been consistently pleased with Mark’s work and therefore I can recommend him and his company without reservation.”  Brian Biznet of bda

“…Mark was able to answer any questions that came up during the construction process at any time, and come to a conclusion to make the job run smoothly and efficiently for the contractor and the customer. All Advantage Civil Engineering’s drawings were very detailed and complete.”  Ron McGarr of McGarr Excavation

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